Works in Progress
These Books are works still in Progress
Blood Memories

When an accident turns out to be murder Savannah George must go back to
Chicago to face the most frightening event of her life. She must remember the
day her parents died. She was the only witness to their murder. The one man
she places her trust in may be linked to the man that took her parent's lives
and now wants to end her life.
Can she find the evidence that will put the killer behind bars before he gets to
her? When she uncovers a link to a smuggling ring, she knows she's running
out of time.
This book was accepted by Rogue Phoenix Press- release date unknown at
this time.
The New Brotherhood
Book # 2
The Covenant

Under the leadership Howard Cates, the Brotherhood’s secret assassins,
The Coven is ordered to go after Michael and Rheta  for revenge and to
recover the money Michael took from the Prophet. After several attempts
on their lives Michael and Rheta realize they must take down the
Brotherhood or die trying.
It all comes to a showdown when the Brotherhood threatens to destroy a
small town in Utah.
Whispers in the Dark

When Lilly has a bad dream it turns out to be more than
a nightmare. It turns out to be the last few minutes of a
young woman’s life.
She contacts her sister Chandler and Chandler finds
the woman just as Lilly said she would be. Lilly has
linked with a serial killer and now he’s coming after her.
Can Chandler keep her blind sister alive and catch the
Blue Dolphins

When he has to protect his identity a serial
killer comes back to La Crosse, WI. The only
witness he left alive was just a kid when he
was here twelve years ago but Wesley
Guenther isn’t taking any chances. His
freedom depends on no one knowing what
he looks like.
T.C. Boone lost his parents twelve years ago,
can he stop the killer before he looses any
more of his family?
You’re Turn to Die

Paige has been running from a serial killer for 7
years and now she has a feeling the killer has found
her again. Rather than run she wants to stand her
ground. Can she trust the man she’s beginning to
feel something for with her secret or will the killer get
to her first?
U.S. Marshals Series

Murderous Intent
Book One

 When U.S. Marshal Lola Kane needs help with a witness, retired Marshal Boone Sheridan
comes to her aid. Getting the witness, Faith Kessler, back to New York and outrunning several
attempts to stop them Boone gets drawn back into the Marshals.
  Case Ewing wants Faith dead but before that he wants their son back. Faith has evidence
that hit man Felix Harley needs to recover, but Felix has a personal reason to want Faith dead.
She killed his brother when she made her escape. Felix is good but Boone is better and it’s a
race to see which one will prevail.

This book is published by BCP.

Intentional Deception
Book Two

  When a family under the Witness Protection Program goes missing, Marshals director Rick
Loren asks Boone to investigate their disappearance. Boone finds out that Lila and Dan
Dupree are not who they say they are. They left one daughter behind when they disappeared.
He also finds out that they had a reason to run. Jack Brody is after what they hid ten years ago.
Boone wants to find Jack and bring him in for a murder he committed seven years ago. Jack
murdered Boone’s wife.
  When Jack takes Lila and Dan younger daughter hostage, Boone tracks him down and in a
standoff Jack makes his escape but not before Boone wounds him. Boone can’t go after Jack
he has to get the family back to the program.

This book is a work in progress
House on Berkley Street

When Jillian is asked to find the truth in a forty year
old tragedy, someone in the town of White Oak,
Texas doesn’t want the truth told. Can they stop
her before she finds out what they have kept
hidden for forty years?
This book is part of Rogue Phoenix Press April
Fool's Day anthology April 1st 2012

The Tracker

Ben Loring and Olivia Parker are
tracking a home invasion serial killer.
They almost catch him in the act in
Milwaukee but he manages to escape.
A few days later he turns up in Glory,
Minnesota. When he invites Ben and
Olivia to join him Ben knows it’s a trap
but he has to stop this killer.
These are some of the books I'm working on right now. As
you can see I have a lot going on, hopefully as I finish these
I'll be able to move them over to another page