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Review-- The Darkness Within
Review of The Darkness Within by K.J. Dahlen Posted by AJ Best On August - 3 - 20092
Book Title: The Darkness Within
Author: K. J. Dahlen
Genre: Mystery
Format: Ebook
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Purchase Link:
ISBN: 978-0-9824833-9-2

This story is fraught with twists and turns that make for interesting reading. One critique I do
have is there are too many people comprising Sable’s team. The characters get a little lost in
the plot while the reader attempts to keep up with who is who. I think paring down the numbers
would have kept the story intact without sacrificing the integrity of the plot. Also, the killer in the
story did not do very much in the way of killing. He beat up a lot of people and left them for dead.
However, the idea of his killing people is what put the fear in most of the people in the story. To
have him not make absolutely sure his victims were dead did not make a lot of sense to me. All
in all, the story was compelling, intriguing and captivating. I read the story in one sitting because
I could not stop turning pages. I loved the unexpected ways that the story came together in the
end. I plan to recommend this book to several friends because writing this good should not be

Laura Moreno