Review- Meghan's Legacy
Review: Meghan’s Legacy by K.J. LegacyPosted by AJ Best On August - 12 -
Book Title: Meghan’s Legacy
Author: K.J. Legacy
Genre: Mystery/Crime
Format: Ebook
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press
Purchase Link:
ISBN: 978-0-9824833-5-0
Price: 2.99
Page Count: 114
Release Date: 9/1/2009
Heat Level: 0

Reviewer: Val

Meghan had just inherited her family home and is back to claim it.
Appearances can be deceiving, especially in this big mansion. There are
people who don’t want her there or are they ghosts? Now that I cannot tell
you as it would give away much of the story but let me just say that you will
be gasping in horror at some of the scenes throughout the book but I will
make this promise, it is totally worth every minute spent reading this book.

I picked up Meghan’s Legacy for the mystery/ suspense aspect alone and
found it to be one of the best books that I have read. K.J. Dahlen most
definitely knows how to write a chapter with one heck of a cliffhanger. I love
how K.J. Dahlen’s mind works. Just when I thought I knew what happened,
boom, another surprise! This book does contain a sensual romance and
characters who sizzle together, but the main focus is on the mystery as, for
this book, it absolutely should be. It’s what made the book a compelling and
well crafted read. I found this book to be fast moving with a lot of sitting on
the edge of your seat suspense. The villian is always lurking just one step
behind Meghan and Quinn. I consider this book to be an instant pick me up
book and I know that I will be reading it for a long time to come. I will
definitely be looking for more work by K.J. Dahlen and this author has just
become a mandatory add to my automatic to be read list.
Manic Reader Review

Reviewer: Stevi B.

When Meghan inherits her grandfather’s estate she must try to deal with a past she can’t even
remember. What happened to her parent’s and grandfather that caused her to blank out the past?
Why did her grandfather want her to return to the estate when she turned twenty-five? And why are
strange accidents starting to happen just days after she has returned? Does someone or something
not want Meghan to remember the past and why not? Is the old mansion haunted or is there
something more sinister going on?

Meghan’s Legacy is a creepy mystery. Why did Meghan’s whole family die years ago in strange
accidents or were they accidents? Who would want to wipe out a whole family and why Meghan’s
family? Why was Meghan spared or was she? Without any memory of her past Meghan has no
answers to these probing questions. All she wants is a sense of belonging and a family she can’t
remember. I liked Meghan and from the beginning wanted her to stay and solve the mystery of her
past. She spent the first five years of her life living on the estate she has now inherited but
everything looks strange to her until she starts to have the nightmares she had as a child. Are the
nightmares in fact memories her young mind suppressed? When one of Meghan’s visiting friends is
attacked and injured, she knows that in order to keep her inheritance she will have to remember the
past and figure out what happened to her family but remembering could cost Meghan her life too.
She isn’t a pushover though and with a little help from old and new friends, Meghan sets out to find
the past so that she can have a future free of fear. I loved Meghan’s spunkiness and willful refusal to
let the bad guy win yet again. If you like spooky stories, true evil bad guys, and spunky heroines, you
will like Meghan’s Legacy!