Review for Bones- reprint- Rogue
Phoenix Press
ISBN: 9781936403141
January 2011
Rogue Phoenix Press
130 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Max Reardon, Sherriff of Marlboro, Wisconsin, unexpectedly finds a serial
killer lurking in his small town. As the investigation proceeds, it quickly
becomes clear that some people will go to any lengths to discredit Max
and shut-down his inquiries.

Joey Harrington and Max are good friends. She is the daughter of his
former FBI partner and friend, Jack. Joey is a skilled forensic
anthropologist, and Max needs her expertise to identify the victims of the
serial killer from the bones that have been found.

Max begins unraveling the mystery and piecing the various clues together,
but there are forces opposed to his efforts. The tension builds as attempts
are made to sabotage the evidence and his investigation. Then the
personal attacks begin, and no one close to Max is safe.

The story grabbed me immediately. The events unfold relentlessly as Max
investigates the murders and uncovers a conspiracy of silence. The
sentences used to convey the mystery are short and generally unadorned
with much descriptive detail. The narration is straight-forward and sharp,
as it slices like a razor into the recesses of the reader’s imagination. I
especially enjoy the relationships between Max and his co-workers and
friends. His respect for their talents and overriding concern for their well-
being is admirable and should be emulated; he is an extraordinary role
model. Overall, I think the story is well-told, but there are a few occasions
when I found myself questioning why a particular action was either made
or left undone, as it seemed to me to be somewhat pat or slightly off-kilter.
All-in-all, this is an enjoyable mystery that kept my interest from beginning
to end.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More