The New Brotherhood Trilogy

Book One -The Prophet:

This book is about a three year search for a serial killer known as The
Prophet by two FBI agents. Each has their own reasons for wanting him
caught and they track him down to a city named La Crosse, WI. The
Prophet has managed to stay one step ahead of them and when he
escapes again one of the agents finds a way to take the one thing that
matters most to the Prophet. The Prophet retaliates by kidnapping
someone close to the agent. Now it becomes a race to find the kidnapper
and the hostages before their time runs out.

The book will be released in October, 2010

Book Two-The Brotherhood- The Covenent

Under the leadership Howard Cates, the Brotherhood’s secret assassins,
The Coven is ordered to go after Michael and Rheta for revenge and to
recover the money Michael took from the Prophet. After several attempts
on their lives Michael and Rheta realize they must take down the
Brotherhood or die trying.
It all comes to a showdown when the Brotherhood threatens to destroy a
small town in Utah.

This is a work in progress.

Book Three-The Brotherhood –Reborn

The Brotherhood is left in shambles and as they regroup to rebuild
Michael and Rheta fake their own deaths and work behind the scene to
defeat them once and for all. When Howard and his “brothers” realize that
Michael and Rheta may be still alive it’s a race to see who will left
standing when the smoke clears
The New Brotherhood Trilogy is the story of a
dangerous cult, no one knows exists. Michael and
Rheta uncover the Brotherhood and it may just cost
them their lives.

The New Brotherhood is being published by
Bucks County Publishing. More news to come...