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June 4, 2010
Good morning everyone,
It’s a rainy morning here in Wisconsin. School is out and
the summer fun begins… This is my first attempt at a
blog so forgive me if I’m not doing it right. I’ve read
other blogs so maybe I’ll just tell you what’s going on in
my world….
My seventh book is due out soon and I can’t wait… now
I only have 23 more to write, although some of them are
already started. That’s the number of books that I have
outlined so far anyway… I just outlined three more in the
last two weeks.
I love writing. I love creating a situation and putting two
or more characters in peril. They take over the story at
that point and figure out a way to get out of the danger
they are in. Sometimes they even surprise me!
People always ask me where I get my ideas from… that’
s a little hard to explain. I can get an idea from anything,
an overheard conversation, a story in the news, a simple
phrase. Sometimes I can have a dream and like a motion
picture the whole story will play out in my head.
I’ve been told I have a vivid imagination. Sometimes its
hard to turn it off.
Almost a year ago my second book, The Darkness within
was released and a good friend, Jackie told me the book
wasn’t finished. She found several questions that I hadn’t
answered. I thought about it for a few days and found
she was right. Two days later I had the second book in
the series outlined and three and a half weeks later the
book was done and Legacy of Murder was born. Legacy
became my sixth book to be published. But the main
characters weren’t done yet. There was at least one more
story left to be told. Unknown Son will be published in
Oct, 2010.
But this is only the beginning for Sable and her team. I
hope to make a series out of the trilogy. All of this
because Jackie told me the first book wasn’t finished.
Wish me luck…
I have a second trilogy started as well… The New
Brotherhood Trilogy. Can’t wait to get moving on that
I live in Wisconsin so where better to place my books
than in small towns along the Mississippi River. They
may end up in another state but they mostly begin in
Wisconsin. My publisher right now is Rogue Phoenix
Press and I am very happy with them.
My seventh book, Secrets and Lies is due out in July,
only a month to wait…my eighth book, the third book of
the Sabella Quinn Trilogy, The Unknown Son is due out
in October of this year.
In December of this year what I hope is my first book
from Avalon titled, No One To Hear You Scream is
coming out. It’s coming out in hard cover. I’m excited
about every book that comes out but I’m hoping this is
the first of many from Avalon.
I can feel myself growing as a writer and that’s always a
good thing. With each new book my writing is tightening
up and the editors I work with are wonderful. I hope
with each new story their work is easier and someday it
might be. For now I’m still a struggling author, but is any
author really ever done learning his/her craft? I hope not,
the world would be a dull world if we were.
June 19,2010
Well, its all signed Bucks County Publishing is
publishing my New Brotherhood Trilogy!!! I am
so excited. The first book is hopefully coming out
this fall.

My next Rogue Phoenix Press title is coming out in
a few weeks. Secrets and Lies. I can't wait for that
one as well!!!

The Unknown Son, the third is the Sabella Quinn
Trilogy should be out in October, then I started a
Sabella Quinn Series, which I hope will come along
just as well. The first book is a work in progress
but its coming along.

I should hear soon from Avalon as well on my
book there. No One To Hear You Scream. It's due
out this winter and as soon as I get a cover I'll post
more news about it.

Things are happening so quickly, but that's ok. I
hope I can keep up with the pace. I've outlined a
couple more books this week. Now all I have to do
is write them all. Wish me luck!

Watch for my interview on Rogue's blog tomorrow
catch you later

June 9, 2010
Well, wish me luck friends, I just submitted the New
Brotherhood Trilogy to a brand new Publisher. Now
comes the hard part, the hurry up and wait syndrome.
Every writers plays the game but it doesn't make it
easier knowing its just another stage in the process...
Oh well, I did hear back from Avalon today... things
are getting started there with No One To Hear You
Scream I can't wait for the release of the book. I can't
wait for the release of any of my books!
Finally got corrections done for my next book, Secrets
and Lies- from Rogue Phoenix Press. It comes out
sometime next month.
I've been busy outlining a couple new books. Hopefully
I'll get to them soon.
If you'd like to send me a comment or question, you
can reach me at kjdahlen1@yahoo.com
June 16, 2010
So many new things have happened since I
last wrote, let's see...
I have another publisher- Bucks County
Publishing accepted The New
Brotherhood- The Prophet. yeah!!!! book

I was asked for an interview on Rogue's
Blog. Its going up on Sunday- check it out
by going to: www.roguephoenixpress.com
and click on the blog button.

I started outlining a series last week-
Rogue has published two books of the
stater trilogy- The Darkness Within and
Legacy of Murder- The third book in the
trilogy is titled, The Unknown Son- it is
being released in Oct at Rogue.
The first book in the Sabella Quinn Series
is going to be called, The Mystery at
Buffalo Lake- I hope Rogue accepts it...
but first I have to write it, lol
I'd better get back to work now... Catch
you next time
June 29, 2010

Well it's been a few days since I've
blogged. I have been busy making
corrections on my latest books.
Corrections are my downfall... but every
writer has to do them. Unless you are the
type of writer who has learned not to make
mistakes. Unfortunately I find I still have a
lot to learn. POV seems to be my downfall.
 Hopefully I'll get better.

Bucks County Publishing has started the
edits on The Prophet, while I just finished
the edits on Secrets and Lies.

I was going through my books the other
day and I found I have about 7 books that
are started but not finished. I know it
wouldn't take long to finish these books
but I can't decide which one to do first.
Guess I'd better settle down and get busy.

I also have another fifteen or so books
outlined but not started.

Guess I'd better get going...