Facebook Challenge
One of my publishers has asked for stories 20,000- 35,000 words
for an Anthology dealing with April Fool's Day- I would like to take
that and challenge my Face book friends to give me 5-7 clues for the
short story.

The clues can be anything you want me to use in the story- example-
a red money, a glass of wine- a phrase, "can I help you?" anything
you want.

I write suspense under the name K.J. Dahlen but I am willing to try
another genre. I'll leave the genre up to you as well.

If anyone would like to send me some clues you can find my email
address here. kjdahlen1@yahoo.com

The Anthology comes out April 1, 2012

If I get enough clues from different people I may write more than one
story. Some of the stories may even end up on my web site. Is
anyone out there willing to take the challenge?