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Sept 18, 2010

I guess it's been awhile since my last visit
but I've been busy writing, not making
corrections! Yeah!!

The last couple days I've been battling yahoo,
somehow my account
kjdahlen1@yahoo.com has become
compromised and they shut me out. Not a
good thing.

I've changed my account to
kjdahlenauthor@yahoo.com if anyone is

I'm working on my novel The Wrong Number
and its coming along

My next novel- The Prophet should be
available Oct 1 from Bucks County Publishing

I have another novel coming out in Oct from
Rogue Phoenix Press- the third of the
Sabella Quinn trilogy- The Unknown Son

See you next time
Oct. 3, 2010

Well the wait is finally over....

The Prophet has been released and The
Unknown Son has been released a little
early as well. I've never had two books come
out at the same time before, its awesome!

It's a little after six a.m. on a Sunday morning
and I'm sitting at my computer... that could be
considered sad but in this case its not. I want
to finish my book Wrong Number. I am so
close, just a couple of scenes away. At least
with the first draft. I know I will have to go
back and fill in the spots that aren't right yet
but that's ok.

Then I'm going to start the sequel to The
Prophet. Michael and Rheta only got started
in The Prophet.  Wait til you see the mess
they get into in The Coven...

Just what to tell you that I have another
interview coming up tomorrow with Anne
I did a writing tip for Anne back in August
called- Never Give Up on Your Dream

I also have an article coming up on Rogue
Phoenix Press Blog- don't have a date yet but
I'll let you know.
My book The Unknown Son is up on the
home page of Rogue Phoenix Press and its
the third book in the Sabella Quinn trilogy-
although the trilogy is finished I still have
plans for Sable and her crew. More on that at
another time...

I suppose I'd better get going, Wrong
Number awaits me...
Oct. 30, 2010

Well, I've been busy so I haven't had time to
blog. I finished The Wrong Number and I
finished the first draft of another book-
Bradbury Inn.

Bradbury Inn was started but not finished and
I'm trying to clear the decks. Like I said
before, I had several books started but not
finished, so I decided to clear the decks for
new projects. Bradbury Inn turned out to be a
paranormal suspense with a hint of romance
thrown in. Somehow it all makes sense, at
least I hope it does. I enjoyed writing it now I
have to see if I can get a publisher interested.
Wish me luck...

I have good news, I have another book
coming out with Bucks County Publishing
next year!

My next project is to finish yet another book
that's almost half done- Blood Memories.
story clip- When an accident turns out to be
murder, Savannah must stop running and go
back to Chicago to solve the double murder
of her parents 22 years ago. She was 3 years
old when her parents were killed and she's
the only one who saw the murderer. Can she
survive the encounter when she can't
remember the face of the man who killed her
parents? Who can she trust?

Well this month has been a busy one- The
Prophet came out over at Bucks County and
The third book of the Sabella Quinn Trilogy-
The Unknown Son came out at Rogue
Phoenix Press. It's been exciting. My next
release will be in December- from Avalon-
No One To Hear You Scream- Can't wait for
that one, but then I can't wait for each book to
come out.

My husband made a display case to put my
books in to advertize them and we put it up at
the Cove- my favorite watering hole in Buffalo
City and its getting full. He's going to have to
make another one!

Well I have to get busy writing- catch you all
again... Hopefully I'll be able to get blogging
again before another month goes by