Satan's Spawn
Satan's Spawn/Sin's Bastards MC
When Cassie comes to Troy, New York her world
is never going to be the same. She’s looking for a
friend that was snatched off the streets and she
finds Deke Tory. He is formidable, magnetic and
not like anyone, she ever met. He’s also the
President of the Satan’s Spawn MC
Cassie grew up on the streets from the age of ten
and the only rule there, was the rule of survival.
Deke finds himself drawn to the spitfire girl who
appeared out of nowhere. Can he break down the
walls she has built up to protect herself?
When someone from her past comes looking for
her, the same someone who would see her dead to
keep his terrible secret, can Deke protect her?
Can he even hold on to her?
Available November 22, 2017

Watch for more to come in this series as well as a spin
off called- Hell's Fire Riders