Sabella Quinn Trilogy
This trilogy began with a single story- The Darkness Within,
then a friend suggested the story wasn't finished so I wrote
Legacy of Murder. Legacy answered some questions but not all
of them so I wrote Unknown Son.

All three books are being published by Rogue Phoenix Press
and are available through them or Amazon

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing
them--- Kim

When a serial killer comes back after
twenty years FBI agent Sable Quinn
must remember her past to stop him.
She holds the key to his identity and it’
s been locked in her memory for
twenty years. Can she stop him before
he murders her and an entire family?

After Micah died Sable thought her troubles
were over but she's plunged back into her
nightmare when another family member
comes after her. He's not only after what's
left of the Reardon family but before he
murders them he wants to bring down the
Gabriel's empire. Sable has to fight to keep
herself alive and the others. Will she survive
the day of reckoning

This book is available May 2010
The Unknown Son

Before Micah murdered his brother Richard,
Richard fathered a child he never knew
about. The child 's name is Noah and he's
looking for more than just to murder Sable.
He's looking for the fortune Micah and
Richard left behind, the fortune they stole
from several banks years ago

This book has been accepted by Rogue Phoenix Press  and
will be available at Rogue and on Amazon Oct 1, 2010