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When Colton Rivers finds a young woman unconscious as
the result of a car accident he has no idea what kind of
mess he finds himself involved in. The police are after the
young woman for murder and when she wakes up she has
no idea who she is or what she's done.
Colton has to keep her safe until everything is sorted out,
but he finds himself attracted to her. The biggest question
in his mind is, is he falling for a murderer or a victim of

This book is being published by Rogue Phoenix
Press as part of their Valentine's Anthology. It will be
release February 1st, 2010
Secrets and Lies
When and entire family is murdered small town sheriff Alex
Reed calls in an old friend, FBI agent Hayden Wilding. Alex
wants to solve this murder quickly to put down the town's
sense of panic and find answers as to why an entire family
was killed. Hayden finds links in the small town that lead to
a drug and gun running cartel in Mexico, and the links are
Alex's brothers. Can Alex and Hayden stop the killers and
end the cartel before the cartel finds them and gets their
own revenge?

This book is being published in June or July, 2010 by
Rogue Phoenix Press