K.J. Dahlen

I love to read. Reading opens your mind to the difference that makes
us all human. It  can take us to places we'll never see but we'll visit
those place through words written on paper.

A good writer is someone, that as soon as you open a book can take
you anywhere, make you feel what his/her characters feel, do what
they do and bring you back to the safety of your own home again as
soon as you close the book.

That's what every good writer should do and that's what my aim is as
a writer.

For a short time I was lucky enough to host the web site called "The
Reader's Retreat" and that allowed me to enter the world's of many
fine writers, new and established and I was amazed at what I found
there. So many great stories from such a diverse array of talented
writers. I hope I can bring my readers that kind of excitement.

K. J. Dahlen