Gifts of Poetry by Friends and Family
I would like to set aside this page for a special
purpose. I want to share with you special poems given
to me by people I care about. Friends and family.
Because that's what matter most to me.
Dandy Lions

Dandy lions come soft as clouds of silvery down
Scattering Smiley, jolly, delightful wishes all around

Some are love
Some are joy and peace
And some will wish a smiley you
A happy day please!

Ah, some will make you giggle
As they tickle your nose!
And some will say you like butter
When under your chin they glow!

Some will say
Be Happy Dear
To each day granted, give some sunny smiles
Be sunny, funny, warm smiley and giving
Make all the hours you live worth the while

But most just wish you happiness and lotsa smiles
All the year round
Each and every single day! No matter where you
are bound

My Mother could find the beauty of God's work in
anything, even what in most people's eye is a

This poem was given to me by my sister-in-law.
It was written by her 9 year old grandson Jake Stair.

How to be a fast plant

Dark as a bear
Sprouting like a child
I'm bright as the sun
this cool water feels like a soothing melody
down my veins
the sun is finally up
It feels like a new life
We’re Home

In a Chariot fit for God himself,
In Heaven I arrived.
I stepped out, and took a look around
And found my love was waiting outside.

Ten days seemed like an eternity
When he was mine for fifty years,
I wanted so much to cry for joy
But, in Heaven you can’t shed tears.

We told St. Peter all about you
It made your Dad so very proud
He said he’d be watching for you,
And he’d send you to our cloud.

The streets are really made of gold here,
And the flowers always bloom.
The most magnificent of all though,
Is when Jesus enters the room.

I looked upon Him, though I wasn’t worthy
I couldn’t seem to stop
He placed his hand upon me and said,
“Good work my child, fine job”

“I am happy that you followed
The Will and Plan I had for you-
And though you reside now in my Kingdom,
There is still much work to do”

“There are those on Earth that miss you
And tears fall from their eyes
You must send your spirit to them always
In poetry and butterflies”

So here is my poem to you Daughter,
Sent through the child of your own,
We are Happy, Loved and Looking on you…
In short, my dear, WE’RE HOME!

This poem was written by my niece
Jerah Hutchins

In Loving Memory of my parents
Nick and Janet Armoto
who passed away within ten days of each other
Jan 30, 2007 and Feb 9, 2007
I'm putting this one up for all of us who have had this problem in the past. It may very well be a solution!!!
It was written by my niece Jerah

Dear Bird who keeps crapping on my car,

We truly need to have a woman to bird discussion. At first I thought that this was random, but I have
recently noticed that the flying feces is always in the same place- in the top, right hand corner of my
windshield. I've also noticed that you commit your acts of clean car terrorism sometime between 12 and
24 hours of me washing my car. Although it does not block my vision, it is still annoying and I feel like we
must come to some sort of compromise. This serial pooping must stop.

Why are you targeting me? Did I hurt you in some way? I did hit a pigeon once a few years ago in my
Jeep... was that your wife? Sister? Distant cousin, perhaps? That was two cars ago... have you spent all
this time tracking me down?

Do you perhaps have a crush on me and this is your elementary way of showing it? I'm sure you are
handsome, sir, but I do not date outside my species and if I did it would most certainly not be a pigeon. I
fancy myself a Chester Cheetah, or Spud McKenzie kind of gal.

Although I admire your aim, this is really causing more harm than good. Have you thought about a career
change and perhaps becoming a sniper? I think it would suit you much better and the ladies dig a man
with skills.. Perhaps I could bring you bread crumbs a few days a week in exchange for immunity from
your aerial assault on my vehicle.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for any harm I may have done to you in the past. I really feel like we
should meet in the near future to discuss our options. Just me.... you.... and my Remington 870 Express.

Highest Regards,