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Cards Of Sin

When Reporter Cheyenne Gentry gets an Instant
Message she tries to ignore it, but the sender wants
her to know he murdered someone tonight.
Cheyenne thinks it’s a hoax but finds out it’s not. She
finds out for herself. Then the killer tells her he
wants her to write his story.  Cheyenne wants
nothing to do with the story or the killer but the killer
won’t let her refuse his request. Will he let her live
long enough to find him or will she become another
chapter to his story?

This book is being published by Solstice, release
date unknown at this time.
Blood Memories-

When an accident turns out to be  murder Savannah
must solve a double murder that happened over twenty
years ago to find the truth. She was the only witness to
her parent’s murder and now their killer is after her.
She puts her trust into a man her aunt has known and
all these years but evidence soon points to him being
involved with the man she thinks killed her parents. Will
she prove him innocent or fall prey to his intent? Her
life and over two million dollars in diamonds is at stake.

This book will be published by Rogue Phoenix Press-
release date August 2012
A Murder in Her Past
When India reads a newspaper
account of a recent murder, it triggers
a memory from her childhood. She and
a friend TK Jonas witnessed a brutal
murder fifteen years ago. India
repressed the memory but now the
details came flooding back to her.
Taking her story to a friend, Briar
Rivers, Briar urges her to go to his
brothers, Cade and Elliot. They run
The Rivers Foundation. In league with
the FBI, The Rivers Foundation track
and stop serial killers.
When Cade and Elliot read through
her research they agree to look into
the case. Cade asks her to work with
them. He asks her to relive the first
murder, in detail. When she tells him
what she remembers he picks up on
several details she overlooked.
When he has his brother Quinn run
the details he comes up with the same
seven other murders she found plus a
few more. When he reads the details
of the murders Cade vows to find this

This book will be released by Xchyler
Publishing, no release date at this time.
Phoenix Rising

When Olivia Lewis uncovers a hidden agenda in a
Washington D.C. watchdog group it takes her to a plot of
homegrown terrorists planning the unthinkable.  After
two friends are murdered in front of her, she goes on the
run only to be discovered by FBI agent Jesse Cantral.
Together they uncover more of the plot but to stop it
they rely on a special group of Americans. Can they stop
the Phoenix Society before they ruin the world as we
know it?

This book will be released in Sept 2012 by Xchyler