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Darkness Within


K.J. Dahlen
Review- The Darkness Within

When a serial killer comes back after twenty years FBI
agent Sable Quinn must remember her past to stop him.
She holds the key to his identity and it’s been locked in
her memory for twenty years. Can she stop him before
he murders her and an entire family?

This work is being released by Rogue Phoenix Press.
The E-book version will be released July 15, 2009
The print version will be released July 25, 2009
Meghan’s Legacy             

Review- Meghan's Legacy

When she inherits her Grandfather’s estate Meghan must
face the past she can’t remember. Strange things start
happening the moment she enters her new home. Just
days after she arrives an accident meant for her injures a
good friend. Is it a ghost or someone more sinister that
doesn't want her to remember?

This book is being published by Rogue Phoenix Press
and will be coming out in Sept of 2009
Shadow Chaser

When serial killer, Aaron Chrispen comes back to Angel City,
it's to claim the only victim in eleven years to get away,
Hannah Masters, and for revenge on the police officers, Jesse
Wyatt and Sam Dylan, that almost ended his life. When Jesse
tells Hannah that the killer is back Hannah is plunged into a
nightmare she thought was over.
FBI agent Eli Stone has been after this killer for eleven years
and joins Jesse in the hunt. In the final showdown between
Aaron, Jesse and Eli only one will die, but which one will it be?

This book will be published by Rogue Phoenix Press in
January 15, 2010

When Colten Rivers finds an injuried woman the police are looking for,
should he trust his own judgement about keeping her hidden from the
law even if it means she might kill him?

This story is part of Rogue Phoenix Press Valentine Anthology- A
different Kind of Love- available at or on
February 2010
The Legacy of Murder

The saga of Sable Quinn continues in
book two- Legacy of Murder.

After Micah died Sable thought her troubles
were over but she's plunged back into her
nightmare when another family member
comes after her. He's not only after what's
left of the Reardon family but before he
murders them he wants to bring down the
Gabriel's empire. Sable has to fight to keep
herself alive and the others. Will she survive the day of reckoning?

This book will be released in April 2010 by Rogue Phoenix Press
Review - Legacy of Murder
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